Interview with drummer Hessu Maxx

Interview with Hessu Maxx drummer of Finnish Glam Metal band Reckless Love.

Quick Facts:
Name: Hessu Maxx
Birth date: 29 March
Place of birth: Viiala, small town in Finland nearby Tampere city
Favorite album of all time? Toto, The seventh one
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? Toto, The seventh one
A drum: Tama
Favorite musician: Jeffrey Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Steve Lukather
Favorite band or group: Toto
As you describe yourself ?
Well I'm a simple complex man with huge amount of life thirst. I love life, drumming, music, sports, women and having fun! I enjoy solving puzzles and I love technology, so I have a tiny engineer living inside of me. Oh, and I love to cook and eat.. and It seems that I use the word love too much.

Hessu, how did you become a drummer?What inspired you to learn?
My inspiration for drums comes from my musical family. My parents like to sing, my siblings played different instruments when they were younger and my oldest brother still does. My younger older brother had already quit playing drums but my father kept the drum kit. So later on I asked if I could play it and they let me. It was love at first sight! Actually I believe it started already when I was a child, not older than few months. I have a picture where I'm on my godfather's arms behind a drum kit. You can really see the enthusiasm in my eyes.

Who were the bands or musicians who had the greatest influence on you?
I got education in music, music academy and different teachers before that. When I was older I started "sucking the info" from albums. Started listening different kind of music, New school progressive heavy such as Dream Theater, old school heavy such as Led Zeppelin, Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath etc, Jazz, Pop, what ever.. listening different drummers and different styles made me the drummer who I am today. Jeffrey Porcaro and Simon Phillips(Toto) were the biggest influences for me. But there are lot of such drummers like Chad Smith, Mike Portnoy, Bonham etc. who I really enjoy listening to.

What do you think of the bands in this new wave of Glam Metal like Steel Panther or Jettblack?

I really like the new wave of hair metal, Of course! I consider our band being part of it(Reckless Love), in a merry metal kind of way. And it's brilliant that we are not the only band bringing it back!
I also like to think that Jett Black and Steel Panther guys are our friends and we have had nice parties with those guys! With Steel Panther we really need to get whole weekend in Vegas or something crazy like that! Every time we have tried to party together we have had some schedule problems because of being on the road at the same time.
There are many other bands rising and there are many bands existing already.. The hair metal actually never left the building

What is music to you?

Music to me is everything. I hate to be religious about it but music is like God, it's everywhere. Even silence is music.
I can't cope without music. Usually it means only "the radio inside my head" But nothing gives me the mood like music, and I mean what ever mood you are after.
If I'm doing kick boxing I need aggressive music to get that mood. Sometimes when I go to sleep I put some smooth classical music on with soft volume etc.

What are your next projects?
I have some new drumming projects, I like to keep myself rather busy. But songwriting has become important for me so I'm really into it at the moment. You are never too good at it..
Nothing major, just for me, just learning and again keeping myself busy
The most important project is our first single and the whole upcoming album. We are all very excited about it!

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
Stay tuned! Rock on!
(Photo by Lia Mstislavskaya)