Interview with guitarist Jason Hook

Interview with Jason Hook guitarist of 5FDP

Quick Facts:
Name: Jason Hook
Birth date: Oct 3rd
Place of birth: Toronto, Ontario Canada
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? Make it Kiss Destroyer
A guitar: 1st guitar I ever owned was a Sigma acoustic... a cheaper line of the Martin brand.
Favorite musician: Eddie Van Halen
Favorite band or group: Kiss / Van Halen
As you describe yourself ? Easy going, hard working, very picky, motivated

Jason, how did you become a guitarist? What inspired you to learn?
I was turned on to Kiss in the late 70’s specifically Kiss alive II... the picture on the inside of the gate fold stuck with me for life...I was forever changed, and thought "wow that’s what I want to do"

What are your most recently completed projects and what are you currently working on? I

 just finished up the latest 5FDP record and will get back to finishing up my new solo album. Can’t wait... t’s going to be and amazing year!!!

Who are your main musical and guitar influences?
Ritchie Blackmore, Ace Frehley, Ed Van Halen and Neil Schon.

How would you describe your playing style?
Emotionally driven … random screaming and stuff that is suited for the song.

You would like to tour with "5FDP" in Latin America?


What are your next projects?

Lots of 5FDP touring... but I do have a 2nd solo disc on it’s way very soon ….

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave...

Hope to make it down to your neck of the woods ….. more soon…..