Interview with singer Kelly Hansen

Interview with Foreigner lead singer Kelly Hansen

Kelly Hansen is an American singer, best known as the current frontman of the rock band Foreigner. In the 80s and early 90s he was the lead singer of the band "Hurricane". Hurricane recorded three critically acclaimed albums. Then, Hansen continued to make music, recording as a guest and session singer for many projects. Went on to join Foreigner in 2005.

Quick Facts:
Name: Kelly Hansen
Birth date: April 18
Place of birth: Hawthorne, California
Favorite album of all time? I'm not much of a "favorites" person. It limits your choices, there are so many great albums.
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? I bought my neighbors 45 rpm singles collection at a garage sale for 50 cents Beatles, Johnny Nash
A guitar: First guitar was a 1961 Melody Maker
Favorite musician: Too many musician & bands to pick just one. I like old R&B & of couse classic rock & soul.
As you describe yourself ? I Think I'm straight ahead guy who really enjoys and appreciates what I get to do everyday. I feel I'm lucky.

Kelly, what are your most recently completed projects and what are you currently working on? The most current thing we are working on is the tour. We are all over the world this year. We're talking about some new music soon as well.

Who were the bands or musicians who had the greatest influence on you?My influences include Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Any and all R&B

How did you join Foreigner?
I joined Foreigner in '05 when I read that Mick Jones had played a charity near me. I made some calls & got in touch with management and and after some talking they sent me a CD with 5 Foreigner hits on it, without the vocals. So I put mine on and Mick heard it in New York, so they were coming to L.A. to rehearse so I met them & we jammed. 1 Hour later they called and asked if I could start rehearsing the next day as they were booking shows for the same weekend.

Up to this point in your career, what has been your most memorable moment?
There are so many great moments. Maybe playing the O2 in London with Led Zeppelin.

What are your next projects?
The next project is this one! & touring!

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
I love South America!!