Interview with singer Patrick Stone

Interview with Adler’s Appetite / Aces’n Eights singer  Patrick Stone

Quick Facts:
Name: Patrick Alan Stone
Birth date: March 23rd
Place of birth: Los Gatos, California USA
Your favorite band or group: Foo Fighters, Ektomorf, Motorhead
As you describe yourself ? Clean and Sober! Healthy! I am an honest, authentic, courageous and powerful man. I love life passionately and stop at nothing to live my dream.

Patrick, how you began your career?
When I was 5 my big sister let me look through her album collection. AC/DC, Journey, The Rolling Stones, etc…. That afternoon I tugged on my fathers pant leg and said, "Dad I want to be a rockstar". I never changed my mind since.

What are your most recently completed projects and what are you currently working on?
Big Swede featuring Patrick Stone will be available soon. It’s a high energy industrial/Dub Step/Hardcore, in your face, Deathsex psycho sounding EP with songs that people with all tastes of music will love. Lot’s of bad-ass cats, everywhere from Slash’s band to Black Veil Brides played on these tracks. I’ll be announcing that on my social networks and you can find more at:
I just finished a USO tour, playing for our troops overseas in Germany. Part of an organization called The Traveling Guitar Foundation. We go from base to base donating guitars and playing concerts for our soldiers stationed there, some of them wounded just in from Afghanistan. We sneak off to the local high schools as well donating guitars and playing concerts to stimulate the music programs there. It’s a really good cause. You can learn more here:
Along side that I’m working with a group called Creedence Again with Adler’s Appetite band mate, Chip Z’Nuff, We’re basically on a non-stop world tour. We just kicked Germany’s ass and now we’re heading to middle America. See more on that at:
Ongoing projects include my dirty LA bands, Aces’n Eights, Steelgrave (touring Europe again this fall) and Adler’s Appetite.
As far as what I’m working on now, that’s the best news of all. I’ve been a songwriter my whole life and I’m finally going into the studio with life long band mates Rich Sacco (Drums), The Stoneman (Bass), Marc DeSisto (engineer) and producer Oliver Leiber to record what is bound to be my legacy. Oliver has a Nieve board and the most incredible studio I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to share this music with the world. Stay tuned through my facebook:
Twitter: @patrickstone23
Instagram: @ptrix23 and my website:
I would also like to point out and thank my new clothing company:
Clothes that make everyone look cooler. Check it out!
I’ve also been working with the ESP Guitar Company and would like to thank them for the killer guitars I’m playing now:

Almost everyone has a song that is special, you would like to reveal what is your song special and why?
Well, I have a lot of my own songs that I’ll be sharing with you soon, as I mentioned before, that mean more to me than any others. As far as other bands music, one song comes to mind. One by One by Foo Fighters. I just want to explode every time I hear it. That’s a really tricky question though. Most recently I’ve fallen in love with Dead Sara and the new album is just the best. Buy it, crank it… Nuff said.

Who has been your vocal influences throughout your career?
Axl Rose, Scott Weiland, Lemmy, Bon Scott, Freddy Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Emily Armstrong. Put those 8 singers together and you get me!

You're an singer and actor, you are most focused on right now?
Music always comes first but, I am working on a couple of Tv shows right now. The first one is just getting picked up by network, so I can’t divulge any info yet. I will let you know soon. The second in The Ben Show on Comedy Central. You can download all the episodes on iTunes. Check me out in episode 2, "Ben Forms A Band", really funny stuff.

What are your next projects?
I do have one project I’ve been working on with someone very famous and I hope we get it off the ground. Once again, I can’t say anything. That’s just how my life is. I’ll always have something I’m not allowed to talk about. The next big thing is always coming and it’s always going to be better than before. Stay tuned!

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
Rule life, or it will rule you!!!!