Album Reviews - Road Sick Eyes: Mark Knight and the Unsung Heroes

Road Sick Eyes the new album from Mark Knight and the Unsung Heroes
By Patrick Lynch
Format: MP3 Music
Worlds collide here in "Road Sick Eyes." Mark Knight and the Unsung Heroes bring ballads, blues rock, and good old guitar rock to a world where rock and roll dreams and the desire to live full lives face off against the dangers of domestic life. Weekend warriors have to face the doldrums of daily living and this subject invites the range of Knight's vocals to join the multifaceted guitar work that ranges from post-Allman Brothers licks to searing solos that try to capture the angst of dreams and lives gone mundane. Just as choices haunt the people in the songs, the music will haunt you in the best way possible. The Unsung Heroes work well as a unit as they offer catchy tunes that leave you wondering what all the angst is about. In the end, as Knight sings, we feel a "Tsunami of Karma" in the lyrics and the music. A mature piece that handles grown-up themes and brings home a diverse musical experience that takes us from Kentucky to New York and Tijuana.