Interview with bassist Dann Marx

Interview with Falling Red bassist Dann Marx

Quick Facts:
Name: Dann Marx
Birth date: 30th July
Place of birth: Stockton, UK
Favorite album of all time? Guns N’ Roses - Appetite For Destruction
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? Guns N’ Roses - Appetite For Destruction
Favorite musician: Nikki Sixx
Favorite band or group: Motley Crue
As you describe yourself ? Dark at heart.

What are your most recently completed projects?
Falling Red recently finished our new album Empire Of The Damned. The whole process was a project in that we launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the recording of the album. Our fans pledged on a range of exclusive Falling Red items, with the profits going toward the recording of Empire Of The Damned.

Who is your favorite bass player of all time?
Nikki Sixx.

In the first few years in learning the instrument, which guitarists and bassists, were you influenced by the most and why?
I was influenced the most by the styles of Duff McKakan and Nikki Sixx, I have always admired their bands and loved their raw, punk-like approach to playing bass. Full of punch and attitude.

Let’s talk about the new album...
We spent the first few months of the year writing new songs at our rehearsal space in Carlisle, then in June we hit the studio to record the album. The album was recorded by Matt Elliss at Axis Studios in Doncaster, UK and was mastered by Pete Maher. As I mentioned in a previous question, we launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the recording of the album, which was a huge success. We smashed 100% of the target within 5 days of launching the campaign. The campaign ended on 30th September having reached 225% of the target.

Does any particular song on the CD have special meaning for you?
Yes. ‘Outcast’. It is such a bass driven song, and the main baseline I wrote many years ago and is something I’ve always jammed out, but never used in a song. I always wanted to find an opportunity use it in a song, and it finally happened with Outcast. The same applied to the intro track ‘Time To Rise’, which I have had for even longer. The chords progression was originally written as a sleazy guitar riff, but over time evolved into what is now heard on Time To Rise.

You have musical influences of hard rock bands of the 80s?
Yes, it is my favourite genre of music and favourite era. I have too many influences to list, so let’s just say I’m influenced by them all!

What are your next projects?
We will be filming a new music video at some point in the new year and I am also working on a clothing line that I hope to start promoting soon.

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
The Red Army has risen… A Revolution has begun!