Interview with singer/guitarist Marz Nova

Interview with singer/guitarist Marz Nova of The Worshyp

Quick Facts:
Name: Marz Nova
Birth date: April 11
Place of birth: Nova Scotia, Canada
Favorite album of all time? Moving Pictures - Rush
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? Kiss - Dynasty
Favorite band or group: Rush
As you describe yourself ? I am very fastidious, determined and demand excellence from myself.

Marz, what are your most recently completed projects and what are you currently working on?
Most recent was writing our latest album “Evil Abounds”. I am currently writing The Worshyp’s third album.

How old were you when you first started playing?What inspired you to learn?
 About 8 years old.  My father played in a band.

Who is your favorite guitar player of all time?
I owned a Gibson SG Supreme. I regret selling that guitar. I recorded our first album with it.

Almost everyone has a song that is special, you would like to reveal what is your song special and why?

I have so many that I could not choose one. I have so many songs that I hold close to my heart. It depends on my mood. I really love “Hero of the day” by Metallica. I wish I had written that song.

Who are your main musical and guitar influences? and your vocal influences throughout your career?
Again, there are so many it is hard to name one but here are a few. For guitar I think Alex Lifeson of Rush, Marty Freidman of Megadeth and both Jake E Lee and Zakk Wylde of Ozzy.

As was the creative process of the new album?
I write all of the material for The Worshyp. I draw my inspiration from both real life and fiction. Again, it all depends on my mood.

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
Yes, thank you and I promise our fans that our next album will be the best album yet!