Interview with singer Derek Davis

Interview with Babylon A.D. / Moonshine lead singer Derek Davis 

Quick Facts:
Name: Derek Davis
Birth date: 1/10
Place of birth: Alameda
Favorite album of all time? Babylon A.D. 'American Blitzkrieg'
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? Abbey Road, Beatles
A guitar: Spanish - Cardoba
Favorite musician: James Brown, Elvis, Prince, Al Green
Favorite band or group: Early Aerosmith -
As you describe yourself ? Hyper active - ADHD

Derek, what have you been doing just now?
Working on releasing unreleased tracks for a new Babylon A.D. 4 song e.p coming out in April. "The lost sessions, Fresno Ca 93" And also working on putting a great new band out called Moonshine - The full CD will also be out in April on Southern Blood Records.

Who are some of your biggest musical influence?
James brown, the Beatles, Aerosmith, Al Green. Marvin Gaye, Stones, U.F.O

And what can you say about the days of the "Babylon A.D. "? What are your memories of that time?
Wild high-wire act we lived on the edged all day every day. - still do somewhat! Also it was very Spinal Tapish!

But now, "Babylon A.D. " is back, has the dynamic of the band changed over the years?
The Bands all the same original members and just a little older like a fine wine - Were a lot better musicians. Still have a great sound!

What is next projects for "Babylon A.D.", new album, gigs?
New 4 song E.P due in April - Were playing a few select dates. - fans can check out the Facebook website for details. www.facebook.com/Babylonadband

And what are the next projects for you, a new solo album?
My Solo Cd "Re-Volt" came out in Feb of 2012 and I am working  on a new batch of songs for another one.  As well as new material for Babylon A.D

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
You can't always get what you want! But you'll get what you need! Stones!