Dann Marx launches Mindfield Clothing

Dann Marx ex Falling Red bass player launches Mindfield Clothing

Earlier this month I found myself flicking though pictures on my Instagram feed, when I stumbled across Mindfield Clothing, an interesting new company founded by ex Falling Red bass player Dann Marx. 
Having launched only a month ago, there are currently only 3 designs available, but Dann assures me this just the first in a range of great t-shirt designs he has up his sleeve. “I have a whole range of designs that I am going to be putting out gradually. I am releasing them one at a time, and putting them out when I feel the time is right for a new one”, Marx says. 
The clothing line’s motto is ‘Think For Yourself’, which sums up what the brand is all about. Evidence of this can be seen via the Mindfild Instagram account (which is where the brand is most active), with a range of quotes and pictures promoting free thought and critical thinking, which, interestingly, echoes the themes of his old band’s album ‘Empire of the Damned’, which he was a part of.  Also evident is Dann’s clear belief in extraterrestrial life. In fact, one of the three t-shirt designs features a large striking white alien head with the header ’ Aliens Are Real’. This, Dann tells me, is a play on the title of a famous book released in 1950 entitled ‘Flying Saucers Are Real’ by Donald Keyhoe. This design, as well as the other two available designs are very bold and sticking, featuring strong white print on plain back t-shirts, which together look like the start of a great range of products.  
An interesting addition to each of the Mindfield products is that they all come with a designated number, dubbed a ‘frequency number’. Marx explains… “Every product has a frequency. The first tee I did was the ‘Think For Yourself’ design which is ‘FREQ. 001’. I then decided to also put that design on a tank top, which was Mindfield’s fourth product… that has FREQ. 004’ on the print. So the frequency isn’t specific to a design, but to each different product released.”  Dann also tells of the inspiration behind this numbering system… “The frequency numbers were inspired by the ‘Halo’ numbering system which Trent Reznor uses for each Nine Inch Nails release, which serves as a great way to identify each product as well as making them very collectable.” 
It’s certainly an interesting thing to be done with a clothing line and something I personally have not seen before. I am most definitely looking forward to seeing how it all develops.

Mindfield’s Clothing is on sale now via the official web store:

Website: www.mindfieldclothing.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mindfieldclothing
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mindfieldclothing
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mindfieldco

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/mindfieldstore