Interview with singer Keith St John

Interview with singer Keith St John of Burning Rain

Quick Facts:
Name:  Keith St John
Birth date: April 1
Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York
Favorite album of all time? As human beings, our moods and our mindsets change constantly. great art pulls us into sometimes when we least expect it because something inside us ready to receive it that moment. There are so many great records that have pulled me in on so many different levels that it would be impossible to name only one.
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? I believe it was Kiss, Rock And Roll Over
Favorite musician: There's too many but first off there's the prolific writers... Dylan, Lennon/McCartney, Elton J, Jagger/Richards, lot's of 70's one hot wonders, Queen(all 4)... second there's  the insanely talented players/singers... Aretha Franklin, Paul Rodgers, Robert Plant,McCartney,Eddie Van Halen, Bonham, Keith Moon,Stevie Wonder, James Brown, tons more.
Favorite band or group: If had to pick only 5... Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones,Queen, Early Elton John.
As you describe yourself? Musically very moody, influenced by everything from early heavy metal to classical music to R&B, to classic rock and 80's rock. 

Keith, what has been the most exciting moment of your career thus far and also during the current tour?
I was in a band called Montrose for around 12 years. The entire experience was very fulfilling every single night on stage and off. One cool time was we played at the "West Fest" which was the 40Th anniversary of Woodstock at golden gate park in San Francisco for around 70,000 people. Growing up with Woodstock being such the huge legend that helped spawn some of the best acts of our time it felt very honorable. Another one was the first time walking off the plane upon Burning Rain's first arrival in Japan and being greeted by so many fans that we already had in such a sincere manner that was so very heartfelt.

And who has been your vocal influences throughout your career?

Klaus Meine, Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers,Aretha Franklin, Paul McCartney.

Almost everyone has a song that is special, you would like to reveal what is your song special and why?
Too many to name!!

What is next for "Burning Rain", any new albums?
Doug and I have begun work on our fourth record. We are not at a stage yet to say when it will be ready exactly. Burning Rain will be embarking on a European Tour around December 1, 2014.

Who is in the current lineup of the band now?
Myself, Doug Aldrich, Sean McNabb, Matt Starr. 

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
For all the artists out there. Let us all forget what we think everyone else wants to see, hear and believe. Keep remembering to find your own deepest and most hidden passions and free your soul instead! The world will be a better place for sure.