Interview with guitarist Jens Lundgren

Interview with guitarist Jens Lundgren  of Bai Bang

Quick Facts:
Name: Jens Lundgren
Birth date: April 1th (yes I know, April fools... I'm a joke) 
Place of birth: Lund, Sweden
Favorite album of all time? Danger Danger - "Screw It"
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? Gyllene Tider, "Halmstads Pärlor" Swedish pop/rock. The singer of Roxette, Per Gessle's first band.
A guitar: My Gibson Les Paul Alphine White
Favorite musician: Justin Hawking, singer of The Darkness. Awesome guitar player as well!
Favorite band or group: Danger Danger
As you describe yourself ?
I am a hard working musician who never slows down or get satisfied to easy. I run my own company where I record, mix and produce bands/artists. I recently freelanced abroad for a year as a sound engineer both in Egypt and Mallorca. I have been with Bai Bang since "Living my dream tour" 2011 and it all started with me engineering the recording of the drums for the album.

Jens, how did you become a guitarist?
My hero when I was a child was Angus Young of AC/DC. I did the "duck-walk" at home and listened to the Back In Black album till' my parents couldn't take it no more. I wanted to play the electric guitar but my mom bought an acoustic one and signed me up for a class... I played there for 2 years and then I got my first fender squire Stratocaster and placed the acoustic guitar in the garage! Later on I started playing the Piano (which I still do) and also the drums. But in high school I quit playing drums and focused on the guitar.

What are your most recently completed projects?
I'm just done in the studio after 2 months of recording and mixing the 2nd album of a Swedish band called "Solity". Next week I'm recording a new album of Dirty Passion. 

Who is your favorite guitar player of all time?
Still Angus Young!

Who were the bands or musicians who had the greatest influence on you?
As a guitar player I'm mostly influenced by Angus Young. His blues sound and licks. I just love it. Of course it's fun to play in harmonic minor, fast as hell but the slow 2 string bends and open E-chord licks are just killers!  For songwriting I'm influenced by anything from the 80's! But mostly bands like Bon Jovi.

What is music to you?
Music to me is the essentials of life. It's what I think of when I go to sleep, and what's on my mind when i wake up. I have always some kind of music around me when I work, cook food or cleaning. And sometimes while working in the studio with a band, we might spend days recording and mixing the same song. I work with any genre. But luckily I never get tired of a song. Unless it's Nirvana or Metallica.

What is next for Bai Bang... tours on the way?
We had a pretty hectic early summer with Bai Bang. We played everywhere it seems. Italy a couple of times, France, Switzerland, USA and more. Now we had a short summer break from shows and rehearsals and now were back in the saddle and we're playing almost every weekend this fall in Sweden, and in September we have a tour in Italy again! Milano, Venice/Pandova, Turin. More tours are coming and we'll probably start recording some new songs this winter. 

Let’s talk about the new album of Bai Bang.
"All around the world" is the ultimate party rock record! The songs tell you exactly what they are supposed to. It's mostly about celebrating a good time and just rock, drink, party. You name it! This time we also released the self titled song "Bai Bang". And I think that's a statement. We recorded the drums and guitar solos in my Studio and did the rest in Helsingborg. I and Diddi are the only one in the band right now playing on the album. Shortly after the release, the bass player, guitar player and later on the drummer left the band. We found "Christoffer Poffe Svensson" on bass shortly after and he's a great musician with a great sense of humor! Also one of my oldest friends "Oskar Wennberg" joined the band after studying at MI in Los Angeles. Now we are a solid group of musicians and we always have a good time, rocking the asses of everybody everywhere, all around the world!

Does any particular song on the CD have special meaning for you?
I have not been writing the lyrics so it's hard to say. Although I love the song "Everybody Everywhere".

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
Oh... I'm not a statement kind of guy so I will end this interview by saying thanks to everybody who supports the band! And I quote a very very wise man, Mr Diddi Kastenholt:
"Everybody everywhere rock on & rock it all around the world!"