Interview with singer Chandler Mogel

Interview with singer Chandler Mogel of Chrome Public / Porphyra / Khaøs 

Quick Facts:
Name: Chandler Mogel
Birth date: The 70's
Place of birth: Reading, PA
Favorite album of all time? Too many to mention - but a big one is definitely Deep Purple - Burn
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? I think it was Nirvana - Nevermind
Favorite musician: Probably Glenn Hughes
Favorite band or group: Deep Purple,  mid 70's lineup, Rainbow, Tower of Power, Whitesnake, Mr. Big
As you describe yourself ? 

Chandler, what are your most recently completed projects?
We've just completed and released the stellar Chrome Public EP.  I'm really proud of this one!  Also I've just finished a great record with NYC-based metal band Porphyra ( which is out now and also Swiss hard rock band Khaøs (, which will be out later in the year.  

Who were the bands or musicians who had the greatest influence on you? And who has been your vocal influences throughout your career?
Back in the day my dad used to spin Tower of Power, Hall & Oates, Average White Band , etc... records and I would listen I sort of cut my teeth listening to 70's funk and soul. Then later on I discovered hard rock and heavy metal - all on my own - bands like Metallica and Megadeth in the early days then branching out to stuff like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, etc.. that I really loved.
Vocal influences are of course Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale, Joe Lynn Turner and of course my mentor Tony Harnell.  Many others but too many to name!

What is music to you?

Music, plain and simple, is where my passion lies, it drives me, it's just something I have to do to live! Further, music is an art form and therefore a quality of communication. All art is communication and we artists have a duty to deliver these high quality communications to the public. Without art we would be lost, our lives would be most mundane day in and day out, art gives us an escape from all the shit going on. But even further, artists create new realities and make dreams and ideas real. Society would be nothing without the artist, and the musician is no exception!

Let's talk about the new EP, of Chrome Public....
Great band and great opportunity. Nicest guys. We did the recording early last year in LA and it's finally seeing the light of day,  I couldn't be happier with this work. The songwriting and creative process was just… effortless.That's when you know you have something special. It's kinda like an American version of my band Outloud. Melodic hard rock but very modern and palatable for the American market.  I'm expecting big things to come out of this, we have some big plans and I'm really happy to be working with these guys.

What are your next projects?
Right now I'm working on a couple of great projects, one with PJ Zitarosa (Tyketto) and Mike Lepond (Symphony X) very heavy stuff and also an amazing one with Charlie Calv (Shotgun Symphony) and Kenny Aaronson (he's played with everybody!) which I think everyone should find something to like, very dynamic music and very melodic.  Both projects are currently being mixed and should see release early next year.  Also we're gonna be shooting a video with Chrome Public in the next couple of months.

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
Thanks for taking the time and hello and thanks to all the readers! I hope to see you all soon! Follow your dreams because in the end, that's all you've got!