Interview with singer/bassist Johnny Leigh

Interview with singer/bassist Johnny Leigh

Quick Facts:
Name: Johnny Leigh
Birth date: Jan 5
Place of birth: New Jersey
Favorite album of all time? Anything KISS pre-'78 | Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic, Rocks, Bowie - Ziggy Stardust, Beatles - Abbey Road, Let it Be ... Hell, way too many to mention! Tons of favs from different times and different eras!
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? KISS - Destroyer
A bass: Been using an early 80's Charvel for quite a while now. Love the feel but seeing a Gibson Thunderbird in my future. As far as guitars, I'm Gibson all the way. Generally use my '89 LP Custom, a 2014 LP Standard Plus and occasionally a late 70's Ibanez Iceman. Always loved the Iceman ... That's my exception!
Favorite musician: So many for different reasons, Ace Frehley, Paul McCartney, Michael Monroe, Paul Stanley, Steven Tyler, Robin Zander, Elton John, Slash, Tommy Lee, Alice Cooper, Nancy Wilson, Ann Wilson, Nikki Sixx, Richie Ranno... the list goes on!
Favorite band or group: KISS, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Heart, Skynyrd, Kix, Beatles, Stones, Alice Cooper, Ramones, a bunch of 80's bands ... How could you ever pick just one?  Music is life!
As you describe yourself? Lyricist, singer, songwriter, bassist, guitarist, entertainer... not to mention loyal, funny, intelligent and a hell of a guy to drink with on a Saturday night! Ha!

Johnny, what are your most recently completed projects? 
Well I just completed a new track for my upcoming disc. Currently I'm recording and getting everything together for a 2015 release. I will say this...It's gonna slam! 

How did you get involved in music in the first place? How did you know it was the career for you?  
Would you believe I knew from the beginning? I sang (or at least carried a tune) before I even spoke. I've been told I was caught singing the melody to the Beatles "Yellow Submarine" while watching an episode of Sesame Street. lol - True story!  Fast forward a couple years to the first time I heard KISS. That was it... I was doomed!  Some kids wanted to be a cowboy, others a fireman. Me? The path was clear and apparently lined with Gibsons, Marshalls and a whole lot of crazy. It's always been the music! 

Who are some of your musical influences? And who has been your vocal influences throughout your career?  
As I stated earlier, Def, KISS, followed by Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, numerous 70's and 80's artists, from Classic Rock to Punk to really everyone in between.  They all helped inspire and shape me into a better writer, performer, lyricist or all-around entertainer.  Vocally:  Love Robin Zander, Paul Stanley, early Elton John, Steven Tyler, Chris Robinson.... Hell, I'll even throw in Billy Squier.  Before the dreaded "loft" video, he rocked. Seriously! 

How would you describe your music? 
Catchy, melodic Rock-n-Roll.  

Tell us about your new album... 
Completely a solo effort. In addition to vocal duties I'll be laying down bass and most guitar tracks with the exception of some special guests lending their amazing talents. The song selection is def an assortment of moods, emotion and style but none-the-less, no filler and a killer experience.  Instantly catchy and guaranteed to leave the listener completely satisfied or at the very least... pleasantly moist! 

Next projects? 
Well the plan is to release the album and when completed, gather the troops to make it a performing situation. I will say this... I've got a great feeling! Other than that, I'm always open to new opportunities.  Life will unfold.      

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave .... 
Absolutely! Please support original music! We as artists need you. While it's easy to grab a track for free, isn't the time, effort and final result (the same result that makes you happy) worth $0.99? Just some food for thought. And lastly... Be good to each other. We're seriously all we've got. Peace!