Interview with singer/guitarist Danny Veras

Interview with singer/guitarist Danny Veras

Quick Facts:
Name: Danny Veras
Birth date: May 1st 
Place of birth: Natal, Brazil
Favorite album of all time? A bit of what you fancy "Quireboys"
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? Motorhead "No sleep at all"
A guitar: Gibson
Favorite musician: No favorite, they're all good and different
As you describe yourself? Goal reacher!

Danny, what are your most recently completed projects and what are you currently working on? 
The album "Never give up!" That is gonna be released September 29th by the record label "Z Records" Under my band's name "VERAS" Produced by the amazing "Paul Sabu" (only child, Sabu), who plays Guitar on it and do back ups as well, Thorsten Koehne (Eden's Curse, Hardline, Sunstorm) did all the leads, "Pete Newdeck" (Tainted Nation, Grim Ripper, Paul Di Anno) who plays drums and backing vox, long time friend "Eric Ragno" (China Blue, Vox Tempus) on the keys, and my good buddy "Al Edwards" ex "Southern Guns" on the bass, the album's style it's somewhere in the middle of AOR, Bluesy Hard rock and a slight touch of Heavy Metal, my best album so far after the one with the band "7 Months -In Time" that I've recorded in L.A....

How did you become a guitarist?
I grabbed my sister's guitar when I was 11 years old, and since then I haven't stopped playing'....But got much better at singing' so I've focused more on the Vocals, I actually only play guitar on the song "Never give up!" on the album, A Spanish Guitar!

Who are your guitar influences?
I could probably write pages about guitar players I like lol but I'm gonna give you 3 for now: George Benson, Yngwie Malmsteen, Al Di Meola!

Who has been your vocal influences throughout your career?
Bruce Dickinson, Eric Adams, Midnight, Michael Kiske, just to name a few....

Almost everyone has a song that is special, you would like to reveal what is your song special and why?
Too many special songs to mention any ....

What is music to you?
Freedom of expression of the soul!

Let's talk about of the new album....Does any particular song on the CD have special meaning for you?
"Runnin' Away" that's a song about feeling free!

What is next for you, tours?
We're talking about filming a video in Sweden this upcomin' November! 

No tour in sight for now, but we're practicing with the band and will do a CD Release party as soon as we're ready, I'm actually very busy at the moment playing solo acoustic gigs in Miami Beach and Ft Lauderdale.

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave....
Never give up!