Interview with bassist Nigel Clutterbuck

Interview with bassist Nigel Clutterbuck of Dare

Quick Facts:
Name: Nigel Clutterbuck
Birth date: 3/4
Place of birth: Manchester, England
Favorite album of all time? Machine gun Etiquette
What is the first CD you ever bought? back in 72! I got Two singles, the first I’d ever bought, which were Children of the revolution by T:REX and Schools out by Alice Cooper, Forever Awesome tunes! 
A bass: My first Bass was an Avon SG copy, It was advertised in the Manchester evening news paper. It cost £30, That bass was so cool, I wish I still had it ha ha...
Favorite musician: Ooo, This is a difficult question, I have the Greatest respect for creative playing and musicality and could easily list 10- but it would have to be… Ok, here's Two, Chick Corea & Jaco pastorius- you work it out 
Favorite band or group: Another Tough One, I wouldn't have a favorite Band as such, As my musical taste is Wide open. It would be easier to list groups in the different genre of music... But, Led Zeppelin, they have it all covered!
As you describe yourself ? I'm a stress free person & can get on with anybody no problem, I've Loved playing Bass for around 35 years now and am still fascinated that everytime I pick it up, I can discover something new!

Nigel, what are you currently working on? 
I'm working on a solo Bass album which will include very special guests on Guitar throughout the tracks, this will be a very exciting listen, I hope.

Almost everyone has a song that is special, you would like to reveal what is your song special and why?
Special song, mmm let me think, well if I was chilling on a beach watching the sun go down in Ibiza it may be Love theme from my favorite film BLADE RUNNER:  Neil Stubenhaus plays fretless bass on this track and it effortlessly glides like nothing you ever heard before.

Who were the bands or musicians who had the greatest influence on you?
My ears would always stand up when I heard an interesting Bass line, so if I say John Entwistle, Led Zeppelin, Geddy Lee, Paul Gray, Mark King, Chick Corea Electric band, Stanley Clarke! Weather Report.

What is music to you?
Quite possibly the only thing I can do, If I had spent as much time studying medicine or law as I have put into music, I’d be a very rich Man, lol!

Though I guess they will never witness that feeling you get when you're amongst great musicians just improvising at will and its unfolding in real time and your thinking, Whoa...

And what can you say about the days of  "Dare"? What are your memories of that time? 
Rock ‘n’ Roll Big Fun times as you would expect, but hey, Darren just messaged me saying we just confirmed a Big rock festival next year in Europe so, Keep on keepin on! I joined back up with the guys this year and we did just a few gigs in Spain and Ireland which were Great fun. We always aim to Enjoy, That's the Reason we do it!

What has been the most exciting moment of your career?
I've been lucky enough to meet a lot of my heroes over the years, from Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones, Mark King,Stanley Clarke, etc but for me the ultimate thing is to gain recognition from your peers that kinda makes it all worth while!

What are your next projects?
I really must complete my solo Bass album, I owe it to myself to do this... Note to self: FIND TIME: Ha, ha

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