Interview with singer Lowell Campbell

Interview with One Left Alive lead singer Lowell Campbell

Quick Facts:
Name: Lowell J. Campbell
Birth date: May 05 
Favorite album of all time? Bleach / Nirvana... (For Now)
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? Either Beatles, Beach Boys, or Elvis ....
Favorite musician: Robert Plant
Favorite band or group: Led Zeppelin
As you describe yourself ? Looking and striving to only pursue 'Music' in the sense of creativity and soulfulness! Not something that is diluted... Just real again...

Lowell, what are your most recently completed projects? 
First self debuted album from my band 'One Left Alive'. Loaded project 'Front to Back'!

Who has been your vocal influences throughout your career? And who are some of your biggest musical influence?
Although there are way too many to list, I have never been caught up with a limited few vocalists. They could range from my Mom to Ozzy! All are special to me.

What gig is the most memorable?
There have been many but the most fun I've had was at a huge hall. What a rush but I guess that's another story...

Let’s talk about the new album... Do you have a favorite track off the new CD and why?
Although it's the most different example of any song that really represents is, I would have to say our track, "Here and After" would have to be the one! It deals with a lot of pain, but a lot of beauty at the same time. It has a deeper meaning to me than what the words really say. "MIA" also kicks Ass! lol! We have a couple of videos up on YouTube if you want to check them out! Cheers

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
Want to thank everyone who takes the time to support 'Indie' music. If it wasn't for you, "Pure" Music wouldn't exist. Be Original! Never Give Up!