Interview with bassist Jonni Lightfoot

Interview with bassist Jonni Lightfoot of  REXX / Air Supply

Quick Facts:
Name: Jonni Lightfoot
Birth date: April 1973
Place of birth: Salt Lake City, Utah
Favorite album of all time? Def Leppard "Hysteria"
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? John Denver "Rocky Mountain High"
A bass: Zon Basses
Favorite musician: Sting, Prince, Bruno Mars
Favorite band or group: Kiss
As you describe yourself ? I'm a Musician who is full of passion, integrity, and lots of energy.

Jonni, what are your most recently completed projects and what are you currently working on?
I just finished my fourth "Jonni Lightfoot" Record "LIVE at Gino's". I have a new solo record coming out this year "My Favorites Vol. 1". With Air Supply we released a new Live DVD / CD "Live in Hong Kong". I have also been working on a new record with D'Molls Singer "Desi Rexx" it will be released in Spring of 2015 and feature musicians such as Brian Forsythe (KIX), S.S. Priest (D'Molls), Trent Anderson (TUFF), Gregg Potter (Buddy Rich Orc), and Blas Elias (Slaughter). The Band is Called "REXX". I will be releasing my first children's book in 2015. 

How old were you when you first started playing? What inspired you to learn? 
I started playing when i was 8 years old. I had a fight with my mother and ran away from home (which was across the street to my friends house) when i went downstairs i found all my other friends sitting there in a circle talking about starting a band. I said " I want to be in a band too" which they replied "great!! we need a bass player".. i said…"I"LL DO THAT…..Whats a Bass?" After staying there for about a hour i went back home and told my mom the idea about the band. About a week later we went to a local music store and purchased my first bass. 

Almost everyone has a song that is special, you would like to reveal what is your song special and why?
I LOVE a lot of different songs for many different reason's. Almost all of them mean something special to me. But one that stands out is Danger Danger's "Keep on Keeping on". It has a really positive message to it and when i have dark times i put the track on and it reminds to pick myself up and Keep on Keeping on…no matter what happens. It' such a killer song with great chord changes.

Who were the bands or musicians who had the greatest influence on you?
Kiss has been the biggest influence on me musically, not only with song writing but with how they handle the music business, no one markets themselves like KISS does…they are EVERYWHERE!! As far as musicians I try to listen to everything i can for influence, you never what may inspire you to write that next hit song, or where you will pick up that next killer bass phase. I have been listening to a lot of country music as of late, i really like Lady Antebellum, and Rascal Flatts. I feel that Modern day Country is what rock was in the late 80's and 90's. I find a lot of similarities between them both. if i was just to chose bass player i would have to say: In No specific order: Sting, Geddy Lee, Michael Manring, Jaco, Les Claypool, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Chris Squire, just to name a few.

Up to this point in your career, what has been your most memorable moment?
I have played many places all over the planet many different times. But i think the most memorable was when i play Cuba to 175,000 People. Air Supply was the second Western act to play Cuba. if you search on youtube "Air Supply Cuba" you can watch the entire concert. We were playing outside and hurricane denise was starting to blow in, we were hit later that night by the hurricane.

What is next for you, more tour with Air Supply?
2015 marks the 40th year Anniversary for Air Supply so we have a lot planned as far as touring, recording, and special events for this year. It's going to be a very BIG year for Air Supply and our fans. I also plan on doing some shows with REXX in 2015.

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
I would like to say that the music Biz as really taken a turn for the worse, with the  very low sales of records and people not wanting to go out as much to see live music it has really hurt us. Please go and see live music, watch local bands, go see your favorite bands in concert, buy their records….not just a single song. All of this will help your favorite band keep going and keep making great songs that you love. let have 10 records go Platinum in 2015, we CANNOT have a bother 2014 were only 1 record went Platinum. if that continues the music biz will be in huge trouble. Support all Music!!!!