Interview with singer Patrick Stone

Interview with singer Patrick Stone of Budderside

Patrick, what have you been doing just now?
BUDDERSIDE! BUDDERSIDE! BUDDERSIDE!!! I am super excited to announce my new band, Budderside. Not only have I formed a band with my best friends, but our debut album, single, video and website are about to launch.

Who were the bands or musicians who had the greatest influence on you?
My greatest influences would have to be the ones who really affect me, personally. Like, Dave Grohl. Every time I listen to any of his songs, I feel like life makes more sense to me. I feel like there is someone out there who, not only has been through something I'm going through, but also feels the same about it as I do. Then, on top of it, the music seems to generate a confident energy surrounding the situation. Brings peace to your soul and allows you to accept things and be in love with that part of your life, good or bad. Often, music brings romance into what otherwise would feel like a hopeless situation. Scott Weiland! His lyrics separate us from the loser junkie we see, into the the journey within we can all relate to. He dives deeper so we all may understand how deep we can go. How in pain one can be inside, like so many of us are, my greatest influences are on the edge, they rise above, singing to me like Gods. Then, there's Lana Del Rey. OMG! It's not like she's a Victoria's Secret Model but, her music makes her sexy, makes me feel sexy. Makes the time you spend with the one you love, out of control, SEXY! She's got that "Sinatra Thang". I don't know how else to describe it. I love the old jazz meets the sonic computer sound. On top her voice is just immaculate and gorgeous. Again, above all, what makes her an influence to me is her lyrics. Her lyrics are fearless. She makes me understand my own life better than I ever could without her. That's why she's a star. I live to write like my influences do. Lemmy is the same way. He says it like it is. He doesn't sugar coat the truth. If you don't like it, tough. Deal with it. In the end you'll thank him for it. If you are like this, you influence me.

Up to this point in your career, what has been your most memorable moment?
The most memorable moment in my life is the one in my head. It hasn't happened yet, but I see it everyday. It's the reason I've lived my whole life. It's the key to all I want in life. I've seen and sang for some pretty big crowds, but my most memorable moment is one where I'm singing and playing with Budderside in front of a crowd that lasts as far as the eye can see. They're all jumping and singing along. It's coming.

What is music to you?
Music is everything to me. It's religion. It's fantasy. It's reality. It's what makes me who I am. It's my way of reaching people. Getting to know them, and them getting to know me, without anything getting in the way. The music I write is my pure, naked spirit standing before you demanding understanding. Hear me and feel my life. Listening to music is my way of navigating through the choices in life. Road maps in cities like Punk, Soul, Pop, Metal and Classical. All of the creators that gave us this music had something to say, a way of showing us a reflection of their lives. The experience, the emotion it gave us, and the lesson learned through it. We are so blessed to have music to turn to. For fun, comfort, courage, acceptance, style. Music is the clothing of our emotions. What do you have in your closet?

Tell us about your new band...
What can I say about Budderside? We're explosive. We're coming for you. Our sound is the evolution of music itself. Like our heroes, we are not afraid to break the barriers of style or safety. Follow us into a world without labels. Our music transforms from one instant to the next. Budderside wrestles with world issues, philosophy, sex, rage and love alike. Guitars, Drums, Cello, Violin, Piano… you name it, we've got it, including super sick synth tracks to turn your mind inside out and upside down. There is nowhere we can't go.

What are your next projects with BUDDERSIDE? New album, tours?
The new, self titled, debut album I produced along with Paul Inder Kilmister (Lemmy's son). He's a master. No stone unturned, we really brought some great songs to life. There are 11 tracks, the first single we've already shot the video for. We're actually having the premiere party here in Malibu, Califonia this month. So, it won't be long until Budderside is unleashed into the world. We're in negotiation with labels now and there is touring in the works. This year is going to be a busy one. is almost ready. It too, will be unveiled this month.

Have you started work on the next album?
We have a few songs ready for the next album, yes. I look forward to writing some new material after we tour the Hell out of this record.

A message for "Back To The Hard Rock"...
Thank you, Gisell. I really appreciate you keeping me plugged into your readers. I hope we see you all at a BUDDERSIDE show in a city near you real soon. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on twitter: @budderside & @patrickstone23. On instagram: @budderside & @ptrix23. Of course the new will launch soon so, go there to get the album, t-shirts, artwork, news, tour dates and everything BUDDERSIDE!