Interview with bassist EJ Curse

Interview with bassist EJ Curse of Gilby Clarke / Silent Rage

Quick Facts:
Name: EJ Curse AKA EJ Curcio
Birth date: May 6
Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Favorite album of all time? Tough call, I must pick a few: AC/DC Highway to Hell, Alice Cooper, Greatest Hits, Volume 1, KISS, Alive I
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? Black Sabbath, Paranoid
A bass: Gibson “Ripper”, Gibson "Thunderbird".
Favorite musician: Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons, Butch Walker
Favorite band or group: Alice Cooper
As you describe yourself ? Bass performer, song writer, singer, producer, showman.

What are your most recently completed projects?
My most recent recording projects were with Gilby Clarke, recording music & filming videos for his songs: “Tijuana Jail”, “Wasn’t Yesterday Great” & “Cure Me Or Kill Me”. I recorded Silent Rage’s “Four Letter Word” & No Duh’s “World’s Greatest Tribute Bands”. I have also started writing with a new band called “Pretty Vomit”. I am currently touring with Gilby Clarke (formerly of Guns n Roses) & with No Duh. A few years ago, I toured the world playing bass with the last formation of 80’s rocker’s “White Lion” (featuring Mike Tramp).

Almost everyone has a song that is special, you would like to reveal what is your song special and why?
Another tough question as to picking just one song. I will say, right now, at this moment, Alice Cooper’s “Teenage Lament ‘74”, as it brings back fond memories of highschool rock n roll.

Who are your main musical and bass influences?
John Entwistle, Chris Squire, Gene Simmons.

What interests do you have outside music?
I LOVE my motorcycles (Harley Davidson), I love to ride with my rock n roll buddies (& non rockers), including Gilby Clarke, Butch Walker & Tamie Downe (just to mention a few). I love my crazy & talented wife (yes, she is an interest inside & outside of music)…. Did I mention riding my Harley’s ¿?

What is music to you?
It’s my life, my work, my love. It’s what makes me wake up in the morning & what makes me NOT be able to sleep at night. When I was young, it inspired me, now it’s my living & someday, my dyeing….

What are your next projects?
I love to perform live. I will be touring with Gilby Clarke & also with No Duh. Hopefully, very soon, I’ll be touring with Silent Rage. Silent Rage is my BABY, the best band that ever was (for me)!

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
“You can’t have too many friends, but I’m trying…”