Interview with singer Mark Knight

Interview with singer Mark Knight

Quick Facts:
Name: Mark Knight
Birth date: 5 / 25
Place of birth: Burbank California
Favorite album of all time? To many to mention
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? My first record was Kiss destroyer
Favorite musician: Lots and lots no one favorite...
Favorite band or group: Rolling Stones
As you describe yourself ? Musician singer song writer guitarist...

Mark, what are your most recently completed projects and what are you currently working on?
Just Finished and released a new record called Road Sick Eyes with my band the Unsung Heroes.

Almost everyone has a song that is special, you would like to reveal what is your song special and why?
Memory motel takes me to a special place.

Who were the bands or musicians who had the greatest influence on you?
Led Zep The rolling Stones UFO the all man brothers Tom Petty and the heart breakers rainbow drive by truckers.

And what can you say about the days of the "Bang Tango"? What do you remember?
Lots of goodtimes we traveled the world and experienced many things!! to much to mention with a one sentence answer...

How would you describe your music?
Soulful blues rock with a dash of country twang...

Let’s talk about the new album.
12 new songs best work yet...heart and soul went into making it I am real proud of it...

What are the differences with songwriting/recording on the new album as compared to your previous albums?
We recorded most of the tracks live all playing together as a band, not allot of over dubs.

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
I have been at this for many years always sticking to my own original songs and style .. Thanks to all of you I can keep doing my art. Please go to my web site
www.musicbymarkknight and support us by getting yourself our new record Road Sick Eyes... Thanks so much