Interview with drummer Bj. Zampa

Interview with drummer Bj. Zampa

Quick Facts: Name: Bj. Zampa
Birth date: July, 29th
Place of birth: New Haven C.T. USA
Favorite album of all time? Way too many to list ! But one of my favorite drum performances on a album would be Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? Well my first album I ever bought I didn't actually buy, I stole it from my sister and it was Deep Purple made in Japan, I loved that album. My sister didn't mind me taking it, she encouraged me to listen to all kinds of music and if something stuck with me, so be it she was just happy to help.
A drum: I play DDrums, Paiste Cymbals, and I use Vic Firth drum sticks. My first drum set ever was a 5 piece silver CB-700 kit my dad bought for me because I used to bang on everything in the house and it would leave small little dings marks on all the furniture and woodwork throughout the house.
Favorite musician: Wow, way too many to list here, I like certain musicians for certain types of music, I like everything from Buddy Rich to Black Sabbath and from Elvis to Rush and everything in between
As you describe yourself ? I'm a hard working type a lot of the music you may hear me on I most likely recorded, I have my own recording studio in my house and I always try to record my drums there, I'll spend days in there tweaking and turning knobs.
What are your most recently completed projects?And what are your next projects?
Well last year I did a album with a old school metal band called Obsession, the album is called Order Of Chaos, I also did a European tour with Robin Beck, I did some one off's with my good friend Fiona Flanagan. In September we released our first album with Maxx Explosion the album is call Forever and it's a with my good friends from House Of Lords Chris McCarvill is playing bass and doing all of the lead vocals, Jimi Bell on guitar and backing vocals, and myself on drums and backing vocals, Forever is a lot like House Of Lords but a bit more raw, The response for Maxx has been great people seem to dig it. Up next in 2014 will be the long awaited new House of Lords CD, They are mixing it now and I'm telling you it is some of our best work since I've joined the band, it's going to be a great album.

Who is your favorite drummer of all time?
Well I'll name you my top 5 of all time and in no particular order 1, John Bonham 2, Cozy Powell 3, Keith Moon 4, Buddy Rich 5, Neil Peart and I could go on with Ian Paice and Alex Van Halen , Billy Cobham, and Stewart Copeland and on and on!!!!

You've worked with so many great musicians over the years. Do you have a favorite?
Well right now I'm loving the Maxx Explosion project only because it's just Chris, Jimi and myself and we love working with each other with that said I have to include House Of Lords because it's the same band with James Christian added and James is just awesome singer and producer. I loved my time with Tony MacAlpine because it was my first album and my first so called big break, I learned a lot about music and the business back then and he was just such a great player and still is. Driver and Thunderhead were also very cool because they were bands just like Maxx or House Of Lords are real bands were you have a say in what happens musically.

Who are some of your biggest musical influence?
Well I already mentioned most of them, but let me add Jimi Hendrix,Robin Trower,The Ramones,Van Halen,Black Sabbath, I love the whole 80's thing and all the great bands there Dokken,Whitesnake,Motley Crue,Scorpions, I'm a huge Thin Lizzy fan and of course Kiss I also like Big Band Swing,Jazz, I love the Blues,Funk, I love it all as long as it is real and from the Heart.

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
I would just like to take a second and thank all the people who have supported my music throughout the years ,without you none of this would have even been possible you guy's are the best. I would also Like to mention you can pick up the new Maxx Explosion CD buy going over to www.Kivelrecords.com we would love for you to check it out and also I would love to here from you all so go on over to my facebook page and say hello. I hope to see all of you soon on tour ! Thank you Gisell for this cool opportunity you're the best.