Interview with guitarist Kiko Loureiro

Interview with guitarist Kiko Loureiro of Megadeth / Angra

Kiko Loureiro is one of the most internationally recognized Brazilian guitarists, he is probably the most influential one for a whole generation of musicians in Brazil, either playing with the band that opened doors to his success, the progressive metal Angra, or as a solo artist.

Quick Facts:
Name: Pedro Henrique Loureiro
Birth date: Jun 16
Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Favorite album of all time? Physical Graphitti, Led Zepellin
What is the first CD or LP you ever bought? my first cd was Van Halen F.U.C.K and Take 6 .... but of course I'm from the Vinyl era... I think it was Powerslave
A guitar: My new Ibanez SA
Favorite musician: Hermeto Pascoal, Jimmy Page, Paco de Lucia... so many
Favorite band or group: Led Zeppelin, Metallica
As you describe yourself ? Intriguing. I'm still trying to find that out...
Kiko, how old were you when you first started playing? What inspired you to learn?
11 years old. My sister. Then at 14 electric guitar because of Kiss, Maiden, Scorpions, Led Zeppelin...

Who are your main musical and guitar influences?
From Villa Lobos to Metallica going through Jeff Beck, Malmsteen, Tropicalia, Egberto Gismonti, Weather Report.

What is music to you?
Like food.. can't live without it.

Who's your favourite guitar player?
So many to mention.... I respect everyone and love all the ones that make a living playing guitar and dedicating their lives to music.

Let’s talk about the new album "Sounds of Innocence".
My new album I released recently is a piece of music that I'm very proud of. Great friends playing on it Virgil Donati and Felipe Andreoli, Doug Wimbish.Very much melody oriented. I'm all about finding myself as a composer.

Up to this point in your career, what has been your most memorable moment?
All albums recordings moments also many great shows I did and such different countries.

What are your next projects?
Dvd recording on 4th of June in a beautiful theater in Sao Paulo. Do you want to come? You're invited! I believe it will be a really memorable moment

To end the interview, a phrase you want to leave ....
Thanks for everyone that supported my music throughout all these years!